St. Malachy Parish offers a wide array of musical traditions at its Masses. The Second Vatican Council asked for the “full and active participation”[1] of the congregation, and the music is selected with this in mind.

4:00pm Vigil Mass: The music at this Mass features piano, organ, occasional classical guitar, and vocal harmonies. The liturgical music is selected mainly from the modern American repertoire.

8:00am Mass: The music at this Mass features organ, piano, and a cantor. The music selections range from traditional hymns to the modern American repertoire.

10:30am Mass (Summer: 10:00am): The music at this Mass features piano, guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, flute, percussion, and a small choir. The music selections are taken from a wide variety of traditions but feature predominantly contemporary Christian songs.

Children’s Choir: St. Malachy Parish will once again feature a Children’s choir on select days throughout the 2018-2019 school year. Please email if you are interesting in having your child sing.

If you are interested in being a cantor, singing in the choir, or playing an instrument in the band, please contact Danny Mainardi at